WWW Site Scripts

The distribution includes a collection of scripts written by users. Those in the scripts directory are generically useful; you may wish to use them directly or modify them for your own purposes. Those in the examples directory either illustrate how to use a particular tool or were written to perform a specfic task.

Here is the list of scripts from the scripts directory. Clicking on the script name will display the text of the script. distribution of angles from LAMMPS dump file thermodynamic block averages from LAMMPS log files distribution of bonds from LAMMPS dump file plots of ChemCell log-file time courses histogram of cluster size of type2 atoms near type1 binned atom density by atom type check on atom pair distances launch vcr tool on LAMMPS dump files flux of atoms through a user-defined plane launch animate tool on series of image files plots of LAMMPS log-file thermodynamic data create images from LAMMPS dump snapshots create series of plots from a file of vector data

Running any of these scripts is as simple as typing a line appropriate to the script's syntax, e.g.

% -f svg 60 135 dump.*       from the shell
> @run svg 60 135 dump.*              from 

The top of each script file describes its purpose and syntax. That information can be be accessed from within by typing "??" or "?" or "??".