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ensight tool


Convert LAMMPS snapshots or meshes to Ensight format.


The ensight tool converts atom snapshots in a LAMMPS dump or data file or mesh data from a mesh file to the format used by the Ensight visualization package. See the dump or mdump tools for info about the format of these files and what data they contain.

The ensight constructor takes an object that stores atom or mesh snapshots (dump, data) as its first argument. The atom snapshots must have "id", "type", "x", "y", and "z" defined; see the map() methods of those tools.

The one(), many(), and single() methods convert specific snapshots to Ensight format and write them out. These methods take a file prefix as an optional first argument; the prefix "tmp" will be used if not specified. These methods all create a file which is used by Ensight to define the format and list all associated files. One or more prefix*.xyz files are also produced which contain atom coordinates sorted by atom type. If additional pairs of arguments are specified, attributes from the shapshot data (atoms or elements) can be written into Ensight variable files, and used by Ensight as display attributes for the atoms or mesh elements.


e = ensight(d)	     d = object with atoms or elements (dump,data,mdump)
e.change = 1         set to 1 if element nodal xyz change with time (def = 0)
e.maxtype = 10       max particle type, set if query to data will be bad"new")"cns","Centro","eng","Energy")"new","cns","Centro","eng","Energy")
                     write all snapshots as an Ensight data set
                     Ensight header file = (no 1st arg) or
                     Ensight coord file = or
                     additional pairs of args create auxiliary files:
                       tmp.cns, tmp.eng or new.cns, new.eng
                     cns,eng = column name in dump file and file name suffix
                     Centro,Energy = Ensight name for the variable 
e.increment()        same args as one(), but process dump out-of-core 
e.many()             same args as one(), but create multiple Ensight files
           ,, etc
                     new0000.cns, new0001.cns, etc
                     new0000.eng, new0001.eng, etc 
e.single(N)          same args as one() prepended by N, but write a single snap 

Related tools:

cfg, data, dump, mdump, vtk, xyz

Prerequisites: none