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animate tool


Animate a series of image files.


The animate tool displays a GUI to view and animate a series of image files.

The animate constructor creates the GUI. The animation can be controlled by the GUI widgets or by invoking the tool methods: play(), stop(), next(), etc. The frame slider can be dragged to view a desired frame.

Image files can be in any format (PNG, GIF, BMP, etc) recognized by the Python Image Library (PIL) installed in your Python. Various visualization tools (raster, rasmol, etc) create such image files. If a particular image format fails to load, your PIL installation was linked without support for that format. Rebuild PIL, and follow its install instructions.


a = animate("image*.png")     create GUI to animate set of image files
a = animate("image*.png",1)   2nd arg = sort filenames, 0 = no sort, def = 1 
Actions (same as GUI widgets): 
a.first()		      go to first frame
a.prev()                      go to previous frame
a.back()                      play backwards from current frame to start
a.stop()         	      stop on current frame                      play from current frame to end		      go to next frame
a.last()		      go to last frame 
a.frame(31)    	              set frame slider
a.delay(0.4)     	      set delay slider 

Related tools:

gl, raster, rasmol, svg, vcr


Python Tkinter and PIL packages.