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Latest Features and Bug Fixes for fftMPI

This page is a continuous listing of new features and bug fixes for the fftMPI library.

You can download the current tarball from this download page or from the GitHub site. The current tarball and repository versions include all the features/fixes listed below.

What version of fftMPI do you have?

An fftMPI "version" is the date when it was released, such as 25 Oct 2018. The fftMPI is updated continuously. Every time we fix a bug or add a feature, we release it immediately, as listed below. Each dated copy of fftPMI contains all the features and bug-fixes up to and including that version date. The version date is stored in the src/version.h file in the fftMPI distribution. It is also in the fftMPI directory name created when you unpack a tarball.

Flip sign of forward/backward FFTs to be compatible with other libs.

This is the list of changed files from the 1 Oct 2018 version.

1 Oct 2018

Initial public release of fftMPI. This version supercedes earlier distributed beta versions.